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bodyART Mozgásstúdió
bodyART Mozgásstúdió
bodyART Mozgásstúdió
bodyART Mozgásstúdió


A Fitbalance Award Győztesei lettünk!

2016 body&mind stúdiója a bodyART Mozgásstúdió és 2016 body&mind edzője Fincza Erika.

Europe’s first bodyART® MOVEMENTSTUDIO

Europe’s first bodyART® MOZGÁSSTÚDIÓ / MOVEMENTSTUDIO opened in April 2013

When we resolved to create a home for bodyART® and deepWORK® in Budapest, we didn’t belive that we can achieve such a great success. In two years time we are proud and happy to have 2000 clients and we had a chance to educate more than 200bodyART® and deepWORK® instructors from all over Hungary. It is a heart warming feeling that our clients not only take part in our group classes, but also established a great community and spend time together after the classes. Sports bring people together, friendships and often business deals are born.

Our studio is the center of the Hungarian bodyART® and deepWORK® instructor training, out qualified instructors regularly come back to us to learn, improve and recharge.